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Belle ile en Jazz : Yves Rousseau & Jean-Marc Larché / Continuum et Mathias Levy / Revisiting Grappelli

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Thursday 10 May
Address salle Arletty 56360 Le Palais
7:30 pm, Arletty Room, The Palace. The Jazz Village is open from 18h at the end of the evening, possibility of snacks + drinks on site. the first concert at 7:30 pm ends at 8:15 pm, the second concert after a 30 minute intermission, from 8:45 pm to 10 pm / 10:15 pm Double concert evening price: € 22 Yves ROUSSEAU and Jean-Marc LARCHÉ / Continuum Yves Rousseau: double bass - Jean-Marc Larché : saxophone This contrabassist and saxophonist, on the sidelines of their respective projects, put together their elective musical affinities by combining their science with improvised music: Those who move away from writing to return to writing As they express it. Their program evokes both Bach and the popular song, while pecking in the collection of their original compositions. Mathias LÉVY / Revisiting Grappelli (Mathias Lévy: violin - Sébastien Giniaux: guitar, cello - Jean-Philippe VIRET: double bass) With Django Reinhardt, the violinist Stéphane Grappelli has upset the destiny of jazz by proving that the swing revolution could take place emancipate from the bosom of America. Mathias Levy embarks on a similar bet today. While preserving the principle of the violon-guitar dialogue, he frees himself from the swing image by offering a current musical proposal, both respectful and original. He is assisted in his company by the guitarist Sébastien Giniaux, whose incursions on the cello enrich the trio, while Jean-Philippe Viret, bassist historical of the end of career of Grappelli, brings his guarantee as his expertise as a creator .
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